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Karate & Yoga


Karate is a form of Martial Art. The work Karate means 'Empty Hands' which has various interpretations. Karate can be practised by anyone, at any age to achieve Physical Fitness, Mental and emotional balance. It is also a form of spiritual art and is a door to holistic health Fr. Dr. Shihan Jacob John teaches karate to over thousands of students. He is 6th degree black belt holder and has been a practitioner and propagator since the early 80's. Over the years thousands people from various trades and people at various ages has approached him to learn karate. He now runs over 50 Dojo(Centre for teaching martial arts). He also has many instructors assisting him. All students have been trained and groomed by the Master under the ways of Japan Shoto Suzaku Karate.He also provides instructor training and affiliation to selected teams.

For the aspirant ones, the master also provides weapons training. Championships and camps are also conducted on a regular basis, which includes General camps, Black belt camps for black belt holders, weapon training camps and championship training.

The spiritual and non-violent aspects of his teachings and Japan Shoto Suzaku Karate have attracted many and are still attracting many into the world of karate. You too can learn Karate. All you have to do is join a nearby academy run by Fr. Dr. Shihan Jacob John. The teachings and principles of Fr. Dr. Shihan Jacob John vary drastically from contemporary teachers. He inspires his students to achieve success in life through the practise of Karate. The Shihan's teaching skills and techniques of inculcating discipline are famous. Learn Karate and see the transformation within you. See the doors of success and health open in front of you.


Yoga is the union of the spirit, mind and the body. Through the practise of yoga life can be enjoyed at a very higher level. There are many forms of Yoga, for which training is provided in Chaithanya. Some of them are Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Laya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Yoga. One can learn all these yoga forms from Chaithanya. Anyone can learn yoga. Come and learn yoga and see the peace Manifest within you.

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